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  Newbie guide to my homepage

Hello and welcome to the newbie guide to my homepage. The idea of this page is to help people who have never been to my website to get the most out of it.


First of all lets get the boring website history stuff out of the way. I set-up this homepage when studying computing way back in 1998, making me just 17 at the time, it's scary to think I am now 30. I got the idea from the Stow College Intranet.

The main reason I set-up this website in the place was as a links directory to all the website's that me and other people doing the same computing course, used to help us with all the course work.

Myself when I was only 17I slowly added more and more things to the website. At first all that was on it was links pages. Then I added an about me page, the photo to the left is what I looked like when my homepage first went on-line. It's the photo that I use to use on my about me page, when this homepage first went on-line.

When I added my about me page it come a very good way to help me come out to myself and also to other people at my college. So it really helped me to become the person that I am now.

Running this website since 1998 has been great fun! It's now in it's 11 year and it's still going strong. I can see it being on-line for many, many years to come.

Fun stuff

So now onto the more fun stuff. Getting to find out about all the good things to look at on my homepage. There is a lot more things on this website, then you may first think.

Here is a list of the things that I would recommend:-

  • About me - A short history of my life, interests etc.
  • Blog - The place to keep up-to-date with my life.
  • Blog archive - Going back to 2001 when I first added a news page to my homepage.
  • Podcast - I now even have my very own podcast. So you can hear my sexy Scottish accent.
  • Photos - Just some of the many photos that I have taken over the years.
  • Photos of me - Yes lots of photos of me.
  • List of website's that I run - I run lots of other website's, this is the full list of the other ones.
  • What's new and updated - The place to find out what I have last done to this website.

Of course there is a lot more on this website, but I will let you find them yourself's.

If you have any comments about this page or anything else, please contact me.