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  Links to computing sites
Below is a list of the computer related website's that I use the most. I hope that you find some of them useful.
ISP's and website hosting company's
    34SP.com - The people that I use to host most of my website's.
    Demon Internet - I would say that Demon Internet is one of the best ISP's in the UK.
Open Source software
    aMSN - Is a MSN Messenger clone. Audacity - Recording and editing sounds.
    Apache - The most popular web server, on the Internet since April 1996. Fedora - Is a free linux operating system.
    Firefox - The best web browser. GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program.
    Juice - Is a cross-platform podcast receiver. OpenOffice.org - Is a multi-platform, open-source office suite.
    openSUSE - Is a free linux operating system. Songbird - Much the same idea as iTunes.
    Pidgin - Multi-platform instant messaging client. Thunderbird - Email client, with intelligent spam filters.
    Ubuntu - Is a free linux operating system.  
    Adobe - They make the software that I use to, make my websites. IBM
    Microsoft - They make some good software, but only if you have the money to pay for it. Novell - Network operating systems.
This page was revised 30 October 2008