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Now I have passed my driving test, which I did on the 20th January 2004, first time! I am now going to use this page to keep you updated with all the places that I have been driving too.

Here is a very small diary of events so far, starting when I was still learning to drive, to doing my theory test and of course the great day when I passed my driving test.

Wednesday - 9th July 2003

I had my first go at my theory test. But I failed it, but I was still, very, very happy about it. Because I got 33 in the multiple choice select, out off 35. Which I am more then pleased with, because you need 30 to pass it.

I failed on the hazard perception select of the test, which you need at least 42 points to pass, I got 35. So just wish me good luck for the next time, that I do the it.

Wednesday - 13th August 2003

I had my second go at the theory test. But yes I failed it again. I now starting to get very pissed off indeed. I passed the multiple-choice bit again. I got 34 out of 35. Meaning that I passed that section, by 4 marks. But I failed on the hazard perception bit again. I start to think that I am never going to pass it. With it costing £18 at a time to do it, I am fast starting to run out of money. So lets just hope that it's third time lucky.

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Do you think that I will be third time lucky and pass my theory test?

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Monday - 18th August 2003

I went to Spalding where the local test centre is. You would not believe just how many one-way streets there is there. Once I get use to all of them, I don't think that it will be too bad of a place to do my driving test. My driving instructor also took me into the test centre building to show me the room that I would be waiting in just before I do my driving test.

So for the first time in a while, I feel like I am starting to get somewhere again will my driving. There are still some things that I need to work on, but I am getting there.

Wednesday - 8th October 2003

I am so happy today. At 9:30am in the George Shopping Centre in Grantham. I had my third go at doing the car theory test and your never guess what. I passed it. Third time lucky. I got 34 out of 35 for the multiple-choice section. Meaning that I passed that section, by 4 marks.

I got 58 marks for the hazard perception section. You need 44 to pass it. Meaning that I passed it by 14 marks. So I am one very, very happy person. No only did I pass it, but I pass it with flying colours.

So now at long last I can get my practical driving test booked. I just hope that is does not take me three attempts to pass that as well.

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Three: 16.67%

Six or more: 10.00%

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Total Votes: 30

Friday - 31th October 2003

I booked my practical driving test on-line using the Driving Standards Agency website, but I am not going to say when it is. You will all have to wait and find out. All that I am going to tell you it that it cost £39, so I really hope that I pass it first time. I don't really have that sort of money to paid.

Tuesday - 20th January 2004

I passed my driving test today! I was sure that I had failed it, before I even got out of the test centre car park. Because I was asked to do a reverse park. The first that I missed the car parking space big time. So I did it again, even the second time, I am sure that I was not in it. But I much have been, or she would have said something at the end of the test.

Then not long after leaving the centre, when I got to the first set of traffic lights, what did I do but still the car. At this point I was ready to give up!! I was more then sure that I had already failed it.

Then I had to do a reverse around a corner. Which yes you guessed it, I could not even do that one right. The first time I did it, I hit the kerb. But lucky when I did it again, I got it right.

But lucky my normal driving was not 2 bad. In total I got 10 driving faults. But I passed it, so that's the main thing.

Thursday - 22nd January 2004
Today I drove the car for the first time myself, with no one else in it Smile. I drove from my house in Little Bytham to Stamford and back. So just over 12 miles in total. It was really a great feeling driving there all by myself, but not having someone else in the car is going to take me a while to get use to. I go the whole way into Stamford with out driving off the road or hitting someone which is always a good start. It was all going well till I got to Morrisons. Then I had to park the cark!!!! Ahhh which is something, I think is going to take me a while to get good at! I parked it in the end, so that's the main thing Smile.
Tuesday - 27th January 2004

I could not believe it. I only passed my driving test last week and I have already had to drive in snow.

I was on the way back from work just passing a place called Wittering on the A1, when it started to snow. When I got out of Stamford on the A6121, I could not see a thing. When I got onto the B1176, just coming out of Ryhall, it got ever wrone, I could not see 5 metres in front of me. Going up hills, was not nice at all. The wheels on the car started to speen. I was just so happy to get back home all in one bit and better still so was the car too. I don't think Mark would have been too happy if I had crashed his car.

Wednesday - 6th October 2004

My carI am now the proud owner of a R reg Seat Ibiza, Hatchback 1.4 SXE 5 door. It set me back £1,800 which I don't think is too bad at all for a R reg with 54 thousand miles on the clock. It also comes with power steering, electric front windows, driver airbag and air-conditioning.

It's not bad at all for my first car. But it's does feel weird paying a car that I have never driven before or even been inside of it.

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Do the fuck what you want, it's your car: 42.31%

No. That's just a gay thing to do: 3.85%

Total Votes: 26

Thursday - 14th October 2004

Killearn to Little Bytham mapToday I had the fun job of driving my car all 321 miles back down to Little Bytham. The journey started at 9:15am when I set off, from my parents house in Killearn. I left at that time to make sure that I missed the rush hour in Glasgow City centre and also on the M8. Which is busy at the best of times and would be hell on earth at rush hour.

Lucky by the time I joined the M8 in Glasgow most of the fog that had been with me since leaving Killearn had gone. I did not really like the idea of having to drive in fog on the motorway.

I was glad when I had got the motorway section around Glasgow out of the way. I joined the M8 motorway at junction 16. I stayed on the M8 for about 8 miles. Before joining the M73, then I stayed on M73 for about 2 miles before joining the A74(M).

I stayed on the A74(M) all the way to Gretna Green service station. Where I stopped at 11:00am (100 miles into the journey) to get a drink, something to eat and text my Mum and Dad to keep them updated, on how my journey was going to far. I was only at the service station for about 10 minutes, before getting on my way again.

Just after leaving Gretna Green you go over the bother and into England. Then the A74(M) goes down to the A74 which is not a nice section of road at all, because it's only dual carriageway. But lucky it's only like that was about 6 miles. Before it becomes motorway again and your on the M6.

I then stayed on the M6 till junction 40, which is just passed Penrith. Then I joined the A66 which is a great road that goes over the top of the Pennines. I really like the A66 before you get very really great views from it, on a clear day, which lucky it was. Most of the A66 was clear from any holdups. There was one section that had some roadwork's, but lucky it only added about 15 minutes to the journey.

I was happy when I had cleared the A66 section of the journey and was safely at the service station at Scotch Corner. I got there at 12:45pm (181 miles into the journey). While I was there, I texted my parents again, while to the loo, had more to drink. And also filled my car up with fuel to make sure that I did could do the rest of the journey, without running out.

Once I left the service station. I joined the A1 which I would stay on for 135 miles. Before coming off at Morkery Lane then onto Little Bytham and home.

So over all it was a very good journey. In total it was 322 miles and I got to Little Bytham at 3:25pm.

Thursday - 20th January 2005

I can't believe it. It was a year ago today that I passed my driving test. Even now I still can't believe that I passed it first time. So once again I would like to say a VERY big thank-you to Phil my driving instructor.

Since passed, I have drove to Cromer (100 miles), Glasgow (300 miles), Grantham (16 miles), Lincoln (40 miles), Nottingham (40 miles), Peterborough (20 miles), Rugby (55 miles), Stamford (7 miles) and lots of other places. The miles after each of the place names shows how far they are from Little Bytham.

Since getting my Seat Ibiza at the end of October last year. I have already done over 3,400 miles in her. Now that I am 100% sure to driving her, so is a great day to drive. I can see myself in the future buying a lot more Seat cars. But I will get a good number of years out of this one, till I need to think about getting a new car.

Sunday - 20th February 2005
That's my car just done over 60,000 miles. Meaning that I have done over 6,000 miles, since getting him October last year.
Friday - 25th February 2005

Today has not been a good day at all in the land of driving. I crashed my car!! The main thing is that me and boyfriend Rob, who were both in the car, when it happened are both OK! I just wish I could say the same thing about my car Crying.

At least it does look like the garage should be able to put it back together again. I think it will cost me between £200 and £300 to get it fixed. I don't really want to use my car insurance, because then when I have to renew it, later in the year it will go up. Which I don't want at all. I find it hard finding the money to pay £707. Never mind finding more, if it went up.

Want to see more photos? Then click here.

Tuesday - 5th April 2005
At long last I have got my car booked in to get fixed. So all going well by the end of April, it will look like new again. The garage I took it to said it will cost about £300 to get it fixed.
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No, I am a great driver: 25.76%

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Wednesday - 27th April 2005

At long last that's my car fixed, but it ended up costing me £550 to get it fixed. At first it would have only cost between £250 and £300 to get fixed going by the garage. But it went and failed it's MOT big time. So it ended up costing me more, then double that I was thinking I would have to pay. At least it's all fixed now. I will know better, then to go and crash again Happy face.

Thursday - 6th October 2005
I have now owned my Seat Ibiza for 1 year. God it does not feel, like I have had him for that long. I still can't think of a good name for him. So if you have any good ideas, then please contact me.
Friday - 20th January 2006
I passed my driving test two years ago today. It's feel's like only yesterday.
Monday - 24th April 2006

I took my car to a local garage to get it MOTed. Which here in the UK. You have to do every year. It failed, but I had a feeling it would do. It only failed on small things. It just me, just £102.31 to get it to pass.

Wednesday - 17th May 2006
My carWhen I was leaving the work car park. What did I go and do? But my drive car into a metal post. So the driver's side door has a big **nded** in it. And does not fully close. It really pissed me, off. Since I remember thinking, to myself. Now Gordon, Gordon, remember that metal post. But then, what did, I go and do, by drive into the damn thing.
Tuesday - 10th October 2006

Today I took my car to the garage. So he (Yes HE, I am gay!! So no why, I am having a female car), could get a much needed service. It should have got it's last service at 64,000 miles. But I was a very, very bad boy. And did not take it, to the garage, till it had done 85,018 miles. So in other words, I did just 20,018 miles, more then I really should have done.

The service, cost me £400.28. £170, for the labour. £170 for the materials. And of course, VAT which come to £59.62. The service included engine oil, oil filter, 2 front break discs, front break pads, and a lot more. I should list, everything it had done, I don't read half of their writing.

I am happy that's the service out of the way. But they did tell, me some very, very bad news. And that is my gear box is on it's last legs. And will cost me a lot, to get fixed. But that's another story, all together.

BTW: I have now done just over 31,000 miles in the car. Since I getting him, in October 2004.

Thursday - 19th October 2006

I got my car back from the garage. Where it's been since Monday 15th October 2006. Getting it's gear box fixed. First, I will you tell you the good news and that's it's running like new again. All the noises, coming from the gear box, have gone. So I can now hear, myself think again, when driving. The bad news, is much much. It cost me to get fixed. In total it cost, £920.47. £96.77 for a new clutch. £21.61 for gear oil. And wait for it... £485, to get the gear box repaired. Then on top of that, £137.09 was VAT.

£920.47 may sound like a lot. At least my wee baby, is back on the road again. The garage has done, a great job, if you ask me.

Oh before, I go. I better say, a very, very big thank-you to my Mum and Dad, for helping me pay the £920.47, to get it fixed. Where I would be, with out them, I have no idea.

Saturday - 20th January 2007
I passed my driving test three years ago today.
Sunday - 22rd April 2007
I had fun driving a 4x4 for my very first time. Just look at the photo to the left, to see the size of it. It also also the first time, I had driven a automatic and towed, anything before.
Monday - 23rd April 2007

I took my car, today for it's yearly MOT. And guess what it failed. I have a feeling, that cars, never, never pass a MOT. I can, of course see why it did fail. Below are the main things he failed on.

  • The nearside tyre depth was below the requirements of 1.6mm.
  • Two of the tyres were, very close to the legal limit.
  • The offside front position lamp was not in good working order. I have no idea, what they mean by that.
  • The offside side registration piate lamp bulb was not working.

To get all that fixed it, came to £154.19. Which is very, good indeed. I was thinking. It would come to hell, of a lot more then that.

Saturday - 17th October 2009
Hyundai i10 StyleToday I went to Cooks Hyundai garage in Peterborough, to pick up my new Hyundai i10 Style, that I ordered from them on the 17th September. It set me back £6,755. it would have been £8,855. If it was not for the UK Government Car Scrappage Scheme, which meant I got £2,100 for my old car. Which is great, since my old car set me back £1,800, when I got it 5 years ago.
Friday - 20th November 2009
999 milesThat's my Hyundai i10 Style now done 999 miles since getting him on the 17th October 2009.
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