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Wednesday - 5th January 2011

I went out my first cycle of the year, I only did 11.84 miles. But hey it's start, so only 4,988.16 more to go... till I get to this years goal of 5,000 miles.

In other news now got 83 fans on facebook! Still to become my fan? What are you waiting for?? Do it now @ www.facebook.com/gordonval. It's a great way to see what I am doing via my status updates and of course of you can comment back :)

Monday - 3rd January 2011

I did the long boring drive back Killearn to back to my village of Little Bytham a journey of around 320 miles. Think I did it in record time! Will not say how I did that! :) I also went a new way, for a section of the journey. I used what years ago was the A74, which is now called the B7076, mainly used it, since I am so bored on the A74(M), also did it, since I used that road while doing the End to End cycle back in August 2009. So it was nice to get to see it again!

Once back in I had all the fun of unpacking everything. Then I had fun setting up my Sony BDP S370 Blu-ray Player which I got from my Mum and Dad has a Christmas present. The video quality is so good, reminds me of when I first went from VHS to DVD. Also great to get to watch HD stuff on my HD ready TV in my bed room at long last. So looking forward to watching one of my Blu-ray films in the next day or so. I already have a good list to pick from The Dark Knight, Sherlock, Top Gear: Polar Special, Newcastle - Australia and Torchwood - Children of Earth.

Saturday - 1st January 2011
Happy New Year everyone!!! Good-bye 2010 and hello 2011! Oh and sorry another plug for my facebook fan page, now got just over 60 fans. Let's see if we can get that over 100 by the end of this month! Become a fan at www.facebook.com/gordonval.
Tuesday - 28th December 2010
Facebook fan pageSince I always get people trying to become my friends on facebook, I have set up my own fan page which can be found at www.facebook.com/gordonval. So far I have just over 40 fans :)