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  The Year that was...
Don't want or have the time to read all of my blog archive? Then here are the bits that I think were the best and worst bits of each year from 2001 onwards.
In 2001 - I came out to my parents in this year. Also a friend from my college day's, moved to Peterborough.
In 2002 - I went to my first ever concert. Climbed my first mountain. Went to London for the first time.
In 2003 - Broke up with my boyfriend David of 14 month. Started working at the dog track. Started learning to drive. Setup Wetsuitlads. Went to watch a triathlon with lots of fit guys in wetsuit. Also passed my theory test.
In 2004 - Passed my driving test. Started going out with Rob. Went to my first London Pride. Went to Alton Towers. Cycled around Rutland Water for the first time. At long last, I got a English Bank account sorted.

In 2005 - Went to see Runrig. Been going out with Rob for one year. Crashed my car. Went to my second London Pride. Turned 26. Got a straitjacket. And went to York for the day with my boyfriend Rob.

In 2006 - I am still working on this. So far the first 3 months are on-line.
In 2007 - Went to see Mesh-29 play. Mike and myself, made our, first joint purchase, we got a digital hard drive camcorder. I got to drive a 4x4, for the very first time. Been going out with Mike for one year. Had a friend called Lubor over from the Czech Republic. Also went up in hot air balloon, for the first time in my life.
Here soon.
Here soon.