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Hello and welcome to my video clips section. This section contains many videos I have filmed over the years.

It's been been split into the following sections:-

  • Music videos - Various videos, that I have filmed of local bands.
  • Vlogs - Various vlogs that I have filmed over the years.
  • Wetsuitlads - The name says it all, videos that have been filmed for my Wetsuitlads website.
Newest videos
Below are our newest videos, once they have been removed from below, they will be added to their related page above.
Filmed: Sunday - 12th December 2010

Speaking about just how much my bike needs a service, I list just some of the things that need fixing. Also at the end of the vlog I show off my new lycra UCI World Cup Team skinsuit.

Filmed: Sunday - 28th November 2010

Showing just how many layers of cycling gear I wear to keep warm during winter.

Filmed: Thursday - 30th September 2010

Trying to put on my new 1 Piece Leather Suit, that I got myself for my 31st birthday, over the top of my Orca S2 wetsuit.


Since I failed in part one of the vlog. Here is my second go, this time I put on the 1 Piece Leather Suit, over the top of some white cycling shorts.


Filmed: Monday - 23rd August 2010

Out cycling in the rain, stopped under a shelter (to protect the camera) but wearing a little something underneith to keep me a little dryer can you guess what it is?

Filmed: Tuesday - 17th August 2010

At long last I got around to recording a vlog about the time a badger tried to kill me, while cycling back from work.

Filmed: Friday - 13th August 2010

I am showing you that I am not just a fair weather cyclist.To try to keep myself nice and warm, I had a wetsuit on under my cycling gear :) I filmed this vlog while doing the Corby Glen loop cycle.

Filmed: Monday - 31st May 2010

Speaking about going to Scotland for my folks 40th wedding anniversary.

Filmed: Wednesday - 12th May 2010

Thinking of doing the End2End cycle this year? Then I want to hear about it.

Filmed: Sunday - 2rd May 2010

Speaking about changing jobs at the dog track, from bar man, to bar supervisor. Also about getting a new Bravia 32-inch Widescreen TV with build in Freeview HD. Just to add to it, I do the vlog, while having a shower wearing my white lycra Pearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle cycling gear.

Filmed: Monday - 5th April 2010

Doing an experiment to see if more people watch my vlogs, when I wear my S10 gas mask and lycra.


Filmed: Friday - 26th March 2010
Filmed: Sunday - 10th January 2010

Speaking about having my nights cut at work, like happened this time last year. Just to add to it, I do the vlog, while having a shower in my Stevens Racing Suit.

Filmed: Thursday - 31st December 2009

Speaking about that I made it to Scotland in the end. If you watched my last vlog, you would have heard me saying I was no longer going due to the weather.

In this vlog I speak mainly about what I got for Christmas, which include the Russell Howard live dingledodies DVD, Beautiful People series 1, Depeche Mode: the best of and also a Humax Freesat+ HD box.

Filmed: Wednesday - 23rd December 2009

Speaking about having to cancelling to my planned trip to Scotland to see my family over Christmas period, due to all the ice and snow. Just to add to it, I do the vlog, while having a shower in my Orca S2 wetsuit.


Filmed: Tuesday - 22nd December 2009

Chatting about going up to see my family in Scotland. I recorded this vlog while wearing my Stevens Racing Suit.

Filmed: Sunday - 6th December 2009

Locked in my Spider-man suit, with no way of taken it off, without the key :)


Filmed: Thursday - 3rd December 2009

Playing about in my Spider-Man suit again!

Filmed: Sunday - 29th November 2009

Just playing about in my Spider-Man with my new webcam. Just sorry that video video quality is not the best. It's nothing to do with the HD webcam. It's my PC is to slow to fully use it.

Filmed: Saturday - 21st November 2009

Would you be up for going to next years Pride London wearing a wetsuit?

Filmed: Friday - 20th November 2009

Every year at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium we dress up for Children In Need. This year we dressed up as Pirates.


Filmed: Friday - 16th October 2009

Speaking about Stephen Gately, who died on the 10th October 2009. Showing you copy's of The Gay Times and NOW magazines that I have from 1999, when he come out in The Sun news paper.


Filmed: Wednesday - 14th October 2009

Saying hello the house's new dog "Bear" which we got from the Wood Green Animal Shelters.

Filmed: Sunday - 4th October 2009

Putting on my Orca S2, over the top the Adidas fullbody suit.

Filmed: Thursday - 1st October 2009

Showing you how to put on a O'Neill 5/4 Mutant wetsuit. Just to add to the fun of it, I put it on over the top of my Orca S2.

Filmed: Tuesday - 29th September 2009

Chatting about getting a tooth taken out.

Filmed: Saturday - 26th September 2009

This time doing an experiment to see if more people watch my vlogs, when I wear a wetsuit instead of lycra.

Filmed: Saturday - 12th September 2009

Doing a experiment to see if more people watch my vlogs, when I wear lycra.


Filmed: Friday - 4th September 2009

Showing off my new Nokia E71 mobile phone.


Filmed: Thursday - 3rd September 2009

Speaking about the John O'Groats to Land's End, End to End cycle that I did in August.

Filmed: Thursday - 6th August 2009

Speaking about the End to End cycle that Mike and myself are doing.

Filmed: Thursday - 12th February 2009

Local band Recycle Your Animals, playing at the Met Lounge, in Peterborough.

Filmed: Friday - 19th December 2008

In this vlog, I am speaking about going to see Mesh-29, YouTube removing our newest Wetsuitlads video. Also about Mike getting himself a Sony HDR-SR10 40GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder.

Filmed: Monday - 24th November 2008

What I think about Alistair Darling's pre-Budget report. Which will double UK national debt to £1 trillion.


Filmed: Monday - 17th November 2008

In this video, you get to see, what I ended up wearing for our Hawaiian Night, at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium, in aid of Children in Need.

Filmed: Friday - 14th November 2008

Every year, at the Peterborough Greyhound Stadium. We all dress up for Children in Need. This, year we're having a Hawaiian Night.

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