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  Links to my favourite general websites
This page gives you a better idea of what websites I like to look at. So you can maybe tell by the ones below I am a bit sad and that I really should get out some more!

If you can think of any other websites that I may want to look at, then please contact me.
Digital Television and DAB Radio
    007 - James Bond.com - I love James Bond, that's why I have them all on DVD.
    Flickr - Is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.
    Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site.
    Hornby - Yes I do own a lot of Hornby trains.
    Metcheck - UK Weather Forecasts.
    Met Office - Up-to-date weather service, which means that it will say that it's going to rain again.
    Street Map - I use this website when I get lost.
    The Model Centre - A great Model shop.
    The X Files - I love The X Files, I hope to own them all on DVD one day.
    ThinkBroadBand - The UK's largest independent ADSL review site.
Search Engines
    AltaVista - This use to be the best seach engine, but I next to never use it now!
    Google - I would say this is the best search engine on the Internet.
    Open Directory Project - Much the same idea as Yahoo! but far better.
    Amazon.co.uk - A great place to buy DVD's, CDs and of course books.
    NEXT - A great place to buy clothing and other house stuff from.
    Play.com - A great place to buy DVD's, CDs and computer games from.
    Shore - Great place to get surf fashion, skate clothing and wetsuits.
    East Coast - The people that run the East Coast mainline in the UK.
    East Midlands Trains - I use this train company to get about in the East Midlands.
    National Rail Enquiries - I use this website before I travel by train. As it tells you how things are going on the UK rail network.
This page was revised 14 December 2010